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A Little About Me

Hey there! I’m Ally Gia. I’m an actress currently based nowhere in particular as I navigate post-grad, working theatre artist life. :) 

I was born and raised in a small town near Portland, Oregon called Hillsboro. For most of my childhood, I never did theatre; instead, I spent my time playing softball and basketball competitively all the way through my freshman year in high school.

When I entered high school, I found theatre, and it was like one of those cheesy lightbulb moments. I had grown up saying I wanted to be a singer, so I’m not sure why none of my family thought to put me in theatre, but once I started, I never looked back.

I graduated this last spring from Webster’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts with my Musical Theatre BFA. Though my degree is in musical theatre, I am currently exploring film in addition to live performance, and have found a love for both art forms. 

I am incredibly passionate about projects written by diverse playwrights, for diverse performers, and for diverse audiences. It’s part of my mission to make sure that every project that I work on is equitable for all cast, crew, creatives, and audiences involved. This includes diversity in race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexuality, physical ability, economic status, life experience, and so much more. Thank you for working with me to make our art form more accessible.

My Work With Kids

I am also hugely interested in working with young people. There is a particular joy that I get from interacting with children, and being a part of their learning and coming into the world.

My mother is an elementary school teacher, so I grew up learning from her how to work with children, and how to communicate in different ways with people who may learn differently. I think it was incredibly useful that I got to learn from her when I was a child, as I can see all the knowledge I gained has active applications every day of my life, and specifically when I work with children myself.


I have been a nanny and a tutor for three years now, and continue to work with youth ensembles in stage shows. Additionally, I have worked as a camp counselor, babysitter, and a children’s museum tour guide. In each of these experiences, I continue to find massive value in my contribution to these young people’s experiences. It fills my heart to see people so young pursuing something they’re passionate about, and it makes it that much more special to share in that passion with them.

I hope to continue working with young people for the rest of my life, whether that be in productions or working on my own. I think we all have a lot to learn from children and their unabashed, joyous outlook on the world, and I for one will soak up whatever I can learn from the younger generation.


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